Gimme Shelter featuring LISA FISHER with her back-up band THE ROLLING STONES from 20 FEET FROM STARDOM

Just watched the fantastic, Oscar nominated, Morgan Neville’s 20 FEET FROM STARDOM and was knocked out by this performance by back-up singer Lisa Fisher featured in the movie. This must be the best live version of the song the Stones ever did. The song verges on total collapse several times, seems drugged out and slow, but picks up pace as Lisa carries it by herself practically and makes it soar. She’s maybe even better than the Mary Clayton original recording. She blends perfectly with Mick at the end which she explains in the documentary as tuning into what he  was doing on the night. Don’t miss the notes she hits around 3:00. She’s a Goddess. When she makes a grand Diva exit the song might as well be over. Killer Rock n Roll Movie.